The Benefits Of Document Shredding Services


A digital Age continues to witness and rehearse technological advancements. It’s natural for one to think that businesses should now be relying exclusively on soft copy for those their business operations, but hard copy documents remain always in many businesses’ day-to-day activities. These documents have to be kept safe and secure, particularly those that contain sensitive information about the business itself and it is clients. Letting the documents fall within the wrong hands could lead to potential criminal activities for example identity theft and fraud. An excellent way to avoid these situations is with document shredding services. Continue reading and find out how businesses can usually benefit from these services.- shredding service austin

1. On-site Paper Shredding

Many business people find convenience in on-site paper shredding services. A mobile shredding truck will likely be sent to the location of the company. The staff will collect every one of the documents to be destroyed. The18 wheeler contains a powerful shredder, to which the documents will likely be fed. These shredders vary within the amount of paper they could destroy per hour. High quality shredders are perfect for firms that need to dispose of bulk of documents, as the shredders can accommodate approximately 5,000 pounds per hour.

A security camera is strategically installed allowing business owners to watch the shredders in action. This way, they can assured that the documents are very destroyed. A Certificate of Destruction emerges upon completion of the shredding. In most cases, the shredded pieces are recycled.

2. Off-site Paper Shredding

This type of document shredding service works just about the same way as the above, but it’s catered towards businesses that do not have ample space inside their location to accommodate a mobile shredding truck. The shredding company will be sending containers in which the documents is going to be placed. These containers are transported to an in-house facility where the shredding process will occur. Video security cameras are placed in different locations from the facility so the entire process may be documented.

A Certificate of Destruction is passed out after all documents are shredded. Additionally, a detailed report from the whole process will be provided, from getting the containers and transferring these phones the facility, to shredding the papers and using pieces to a recycling plant.

Professional document shredding services help it become easy and convenient for businesses to eliminate documents that contain sensitive information. The durable shredders and detailed reports offer clients comfort, ensuring that the documents won't be reconstructed.- shredding service austin


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